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What is The Hue?

The Hue is a QTBIPOC+ community collective working towards building a more sustainable future by and for QTBIPOC+ folks in amiskwaciy-wâskahikan, also known as Edmonton. As a grassroots collective of QTBIPOC+ youth, The Hue works towards building and sustaining our online Community Calendar, Community Archive, and various Community Resources to create more accessible, inclusive, and safer spaces and events for our intersecting QTBIPOC+ communities.

Community Calendar

Our Community Calendar features events organised by and featuring our intersecting QTBIPOC+ communities. Have an upcoming event?

Submit an event here

Community Resources

Through our ongoing programming we are continuing to develop an increasingly thorough understanding of what our community’s evolving needs look like at various intersections of QTBIPOC+ identities. We are working towards creating resources and tools to assist event organizers in ensuring the safety, accessible, and inclusivity of their events and spaces for all!

Community Archive

QTBIPOC+ histories in Edmonton have historically been sparsely recorded and documented and we want to change that! Through our Community archive we will be creating an online archive of local QTBIPOC+ organisations, events, conversations, and more to ensure that our vibrant existences and stories of resilience can be shared with future generations!

Our Team

For the QTBIPOC+ community, by the QTBIPOC+ community

Sare (She/They)

Sare is passionate about data storytelling, songwriting, and exploring ways to create safer live music spaces. After discovering a fascination with the energy created through live music, they became an avid concert goer and developed a curiosity for exploring how live music spaces and other spaces that serve as a home to art and creativity can be improved for the safety, inclusion, and accessibility of all. Sare is excited and proud to be a part of this dynamic team working to build a QTBIPOC+ Community Hub here in Edmonton.

Maham (Pronounced Mayhem, She/Her)

Maham is a Pakistani raised in Canada and Qatar who doesn’t back down from a challenge. She is a current university student studying Primary Education in order to teach future generations the value and the importance of our QTBIPOC communities and the power of community in all facets of life. She is in charge of social media along with the incredible Sare, and looks forward to working closely and listening intently to our local Amiskwaciy Wâskahikan/Edmonton QTBIPOC community through The Hue YEG.

Erik (He/Him)

Erik is a Philipinx/Cambodian currently living on Turtle Island in so called Canada. He is a computer programmer by day, activist by night, and dog enthusiast at all times. When he is not staring at his computer you can find him climbing on rocks, attempting to revive his garden, or snuggling the many dogs in his life.

Matheus (He/Him)

Matheus is a latinx raised T6 Canada since immigrating as a child from Brazil. Being raised away from his home country and culture, Matheus realized at a young age the importance of preserving language and maintaining community. As such, after receiving his BA in Linguistics he has worked with language revitalization efforts in the forms of documentation and unarchiving for the community dissemination. He's very excited to collect QTBIPOC+ records and histories in YEG to aid with our intergenerational continuity. When not gushing about languages, Matheus can be found in his room taking care of his 35 plant babies.

D (He/Siya)

D (he/siya) is a nonbinary Pilipinx immigrant excited to connect and collaborate with folks to create the spaces we deserve, and build the QTBIPOC+ community we've been envisioning through The Hue. He also works with UGAT, a Pilipinx collective working to build the Barangay through educating, organizing, and mobilizing our communities. Besides that, D can be found envisioning stories to tell through food, organizing the next Avatar Watch Party, and starting dancing circles in the club.