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What Are You Going To Do About It?


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Do you commit to doing what you can in your day-to-day life to combat racism?

Ending racism is a big goal, but it starts with an ongoing commitment to learn about and develop tools and skills to combat overt and systemic racism. Racism exists in our minds and our actions and so there needs to be an ongoing commitment to combat racism and continue taking action.

The actions you can take against racism can start at reposting a video or sharing a set of infographics, but they should not end there. These are all important, but actions need to extend beyond just that. Actions must extend further to allow for long-lasting changes in the choices you make and the conversations you have within your local community. It starts here, so let’s talk about racism, Edmonton - What are you gonna do about it?

As a QTBIPOC+ organization, we are working to build space for QTBIPOC+ expression in Edmonton by increasing visibility through our online community calendar, building Edmonton’s first QTBIPOC+ community archive, and creating resources to communicate needs regarding safety, inclusion, and accessibility of events and spaces in Edmonton.

While we, as The Hue, are carving out the space(s) that our community needs, it is crucial that we and other local QTBIPOC, Black, and Indigenous groups and organizations are not the only one’s doing this work. Which is why we’re calling on you, our friends and neighbours here in Edmonton, to share what you are gonna do to combat racism.

Why is it important for you to get involved?

In the history of the world as we know it there were centuries during which art, culture, food, and more have been taken from Indigenous peoples across the world and watered down through a eurocentric lens and re-packaged as European creations. White people have profited off of the labour, knowledge, and art of Black & Indigenous peoples for centuries. If we want to create a better future for ourselves and for future generations, we need to acknowledge this fundamental truth of our histories and do something about it. Making a deliberate choice to do something about it starts with you and the communities that you are a part of.

We are in a very interesting time in the world when community gatherings and artistic performances as we know them are no longer a reality. This is an opportunity to reflect and take the time to to start building a better future for our QTBIPOC+ communities here in Edmonton and beyond.

The following posts on our page @TheHueYeg feature a series of prompts to respond to. We encourage you to take the time to reflect as an individual, as an artist, as a business, as a venue, and any combination of those categories that are applicable to you, and ask yourself what are you gonna do about it? The prompts are intended to serve as a starting point for reflection. We would love to hear your unique ideas about how you are committing to combat overt and systemic racism in your day-to-day life and within our local communities.

Pledge Prompts


  1. Do you commit to confronting racism when you see it? How?
  2. Do you commit to learning from your mistakes and doing better? How?
  3. Do you commit to talking to and learning with your friends and communities? Learning and educating yourself should not happen in a bubble. Commit to having conversations, listening to varied perspectives, and contextualise theory and literature to your local communities.


  1. Do you commit to sharing your skills with community? How?
    • a. This could look like: offering lessons at a discount for QTBIPOC folks, participating in a skillsharing workshop, and sharing your knowledge of a specific artform with community.
  2. Do you commit to expanding your network beyond your immediate circle to include and create space for QTBIPOC+ folks?
  3. Do you commit to learning (or continuing to learn) about the histories of the art form(s) that you participate in and profit from? How?


  1. Do you commit to actively hiring diverse people? How?
  2. Do you commit to educating staff, clients, and customers on inclusion? How?
    • a. It’s one thing to commit to working with and employing diverse individuals, but a lack of meaningful inclusion can ultimately cause harm.
  3. Do you commit to ensuring job postings are devoid of biased and gendered language that deters diverse applicants?
  4. Do you commit to asking for help when you need it?
    • a. There are a number of community members, organizers, and organizations who have done the work and probably have the answers! Don’t be afraid to ask for help and make sure to compensate people and organizations for their time, energy, and knowledge.


  1. Do you commit to creating space for all artists? How?
    • a. If all of your shows in a month feature white artists - Check yourself!
  2. Do you commit to creating a space that is more inclusive, accessible, and safe for QTBIPOC+ folks?
    • a. If the audiences at your shows are very homogenized, ask yourself why!
    • b. Here’s a quick (not by any means comprehensive) checklist:
      • - Does your venue have gender-inclusive washrooms?
      • - Is your venue physically accessible? If not, what can you do to make it more accessible? Are you communicating what physical space restrictions exist in your venue?
      • - Is your security staff trained on conflict resolution?
      • - Are you actively and consistently communicating expectations regarding inclusion and safety within your venue? Do you openly communicate to venue guests that racism, transphobia, and transphobia is not welcome in your venue?

How to sign the pledge:

There are two different ways to sign the pledge to show and share your commitments to combating racism.

  1. Repost the relevant pledge card(s) to your social media feed and share your response in the post.
  2. Share a video response letting us know #WhatAreYouGonnaDoAboutItYEG.

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